Private Sessions

Private sessions are the perfect solutions for clients that are looking for the one on one attention for either their dog(s) or for themselves. During our session we customize your training program depending on your needs and goals, and of course customized to your dogs needs as well. During our private session I like to start off talking about what current issues the client is having, coming up with realistic goals, outline and explain how we are going to approach training, and lastly we will work with the dog on starting the beginning stages of training. After the initial first session, we will assess how often we want to meet (usually every 2 weeks), and then each session afterwards will build up on each other to reach the clients goals.

Silver Point Canine provides a couple different options for private training sessions. On-site sessions are held at a shared training facility, courtesy of ThunderHawk Canine. Located at 3910 Cookeville Hwy, Cookeville TN. In-home private sessions are held within the clients home and priced depending on the travel time. The main difference in in-home private sessions is that some clients find it more convenient especially if the dog has issues traveling (whether due to anxiety or size of the dog), if the specific issues are of main concern in the home, or simply due to the convenience of not having to drive to our shared training facility.


  • Private session on site

$55 per 1 hour session

  • Private sessions in home

$70 per 1 hour session (Under 45min travel time)

$100 per 1 hour session (Around 1hr travel time)

$130 per 1 hour session (Around 1 ½ hr travel time)

Travel time is based on the starting point of Silver Point TN, 38582, to the destination point.