Day Training

Day training is a great option for clients who have already started with private session and wish to maintain or advance their training but may have an already busy schedule. Day training is started by scheduling a week or more in advance, establishing our goals and training areas that need to be addressed, and scheduling a time fame and location for pick-up (AM) and drop-off (PM)(for clients around 30min travel time, pick-up can be located at home). During our day training session, the client’s dog is securely confined to a crash tested crate while in the car to ensure safety. We often visit parks, stores, and work within my home depending on the client and dogs needs. Naturally I make sure dogs have plenty of time to rest between each training session throughout the day along with productive play time and socialization time – depending on the dog. Client’s dog is always under my supervision and never left alone or passed off to any other person on trainer. At our scheduled drop-off time, I like to reserve approximately 30-45min to go over how our training day has gone and discuss our next steps to either maintain training or next steps to continue and improve our training.

Day Training Pricing: $100/day